Friday, December 27, 2013

Tallahassee or Bust! Day 8: At the Finish Line... But Wait! Tallahassee... We Have a Problem!

Up early... one last look at the ocean from my balcony and then it was off from Pensacola to Tallahassee... the final push!

That is until my car broke down, feet from an exit! Where you ask? More on that in a moment.

A very nice guy, who could have been another brother on "Duck Dynasty" came and towed me to a small little Chevy dealer in "DeFuniak Springs Florida."

It's a place that could be a movie set from the early 40s. Yes they have electricity, but the buildings are old time classics. 

When the service manager told me it would take awhile before he could figure out what the problem was with my car, I asked him if there was a Starbucks in town. He said, "A what? Son this isn't California any more, you're in a one horse town!" (Insert your own version of a country accent... OH because he had one!)

After looking at the car, he pulled me over and showed me my timing chain which had snapped! They also have to make sure the pistons and heads are not damaged.  I say they HAVE to, because they couldn't do it today, therefore I have to come back about 160 miles to pick up my car Tuesday.

Now in order for me to still make it to Tallahassee, I had to get a rental car, which of course was 30 miles in the other direction. (Enterprise Rentals did pick me up) After I had the new car, a Chevy Tahoe.

I had to drive back to DeFuniak, load up the new car and finish the two hours left of the drive. When I got into town, I DID see one apartment and drive through 6 others, a couple of which I will see in the morning.  I went and got some sushi and then came back to my hotel room at the "Residence Inn at Marriott"

So while I had hoped this would be the last post for awhile and I would breakdown my final trip... there is a coda to my normal coda since I have to go back on Tuesday to pick up my car!

Crazy things happen some times and this trip has had its share.  I hope Florida gets better... REAL SOON!

Coda: (Lotion Picture Day 9)
Residence Inn at Marriott, Tallahassee

Oh well... at least we have lotion... NOT!  What's up with that?

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  1. Glad you made it to Tallahassee and you're back on track. What an experience!!! Makes for an interesting story though. Maybe you should publish your travel adventures. :-)